Becoming Catholic

Becoming Catholic
Becoming a Catholic is an important decision in your life, a decision that is made after careful thought and prayer. We believe that your decision to look into the Catholic Church is your response to an invitation made by Jesus to come to know Him through this community.

In other words, Jesus is inviting you into a personal relationship with Him. Conversion describes the process of coming to know Him more deeply. The Catholic community of Our Lady of Fatima wishes to serve as an instrument to help you to grow in your relationship with the Lord.

The process of entering the Catholic Faith and becoming a member here at Our Lady of Fatima is one that has long been used throughout the history of the Church. This process is called RCIA or the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults.

Are you a former Catholic looking to come home? Are you interested in learning more about beoming Catholic?  If so, please contact us today!

RCIA at Our Lady of Fatima is a faith journey providing an opportunity to grow and deepen in faith while discovering how God is active in everyday life.  Whether a person has a strong faith with a lot of religious formation or none at all, RCIA is a chance to learn more about the Catholic Church.  Participants in RCIA, through sharing and discussion about Catholic beliefs and practices, learn about the Catholic Church.

The RCIA process includes presentations, sharing, and questions and answers about the Church and its beliefs, sacraments, traditions, customs and symbols.  It is a requirement for all participants in the RCIA to have a sponsor who is willing to accompany them through this process.   This personal sponsor (a spouse, friend, or relative) must be a practicing Catholic.  If a personal sponsor does not meet this requirement or if the person does not want to choose a personal sponsor, arrangements will be made for a parish sponsor.

Catechumens and Candidates
Those who are not baptized are called, “Catechumens”.   They begin meeting in the Pre-catechumenate studying topics on Christianity, Catholicism, and Scripture.   These sessions are held to help prepare the catechumens for entering sessions in preparation for the celebration of the Initiation Sacraments of Baptism, First Eucharist, and Confirmation at the Easter Vigil.  Those who are baptized in another Christian tradition are called “Candidates”.  At the Easter Vigil, the candidates make a Profession of Faith, receive First Communion and Confirmation in the Catholic Church.

Those people baptized Catholic who have not experienced any religious instruction in the faith and who are seeking to receive their First Communion and/or Confirmation will also join the RCIA process before receiving Sacraments.  The RCIA process is designed to respect the dignity of all Baptisms and the value of all religious backgrounds.   In the RCIA process participants will meet and get to know others who are on their “spiritual journey” while involved in the RCIA journey.   A baptismal certificate is required for all baptized RCIA participants.   This proof of baptism can be obtained by contacting the church where the Baptism took place.   This can be a baptismal Certificate or letter.

Opportunities for Spiritual Growth
RCIA is a process that provides basic information about Christianity and the Catholic Church.   In addition it provides an opportunity to experience a Catholic Christian community worshiping, praising, sharing, socializing and fellowship.   The community journeys together, learning and educating themselves on their life-long journey, seeking to know God better and to develop a love relationship with God.

Everyone is Welcome!

For those interested and have questions for the Fall Program at Our Lady of Fatima. Please call Deacon Bob Schrom 346-9464 for questions in English or Cesar Campos 431-2043 for Spanish.

RCIA Meeting Schedule


Spanish Tuesdays  6-7:30pm   KC room

English Thursdays  6-8pm   Room #1

These sessions are held September through Easter and Pentecost.