About Us

Welcome to our Lady of Fatima Parish

It is a joy for us to welcome new members to our parish community. You are invited to register as soon as possible in order to participate in our various programs, ministries and activities. You may pick up a registration form at the information table in the gathering area or at the parish office during office hours, or by calling 765-6729 and we will mail, email or fax it to you. If you move or change your phone number, please notify the parish office.

Parish Registration Form 07-01-14 (Eng)ag

Parish Registration Form 07-01-2014 (Sp)ag

We are located at 200 N. Dale Rd., Moses Lake, WA 98837

Phone 509-765-6729

Fax 509-765-0114

Office Hours:
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 8am to 4pm  Closed daily: 12-1pm
  • Wednesday: 1pm to 6pm

Mission Statement

We the Catholic community of Our Lady of Fatima and Queen of All Saints, united by faith, are called by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to evangelize and assist in the faith formation of all. We are committed to encourage, affirm and call forth everyone into participation by providing opportunity for ministry. We seek to deepen our personal relationship with Jesus Christ Our Savior and provide an environment in which all have an opportunity for a greater sense of communion, family and community.


Pastor: Rev. Daniel G. Dufner

Parochial Vicar: Rev. Jorge A. Granados Lopez


  • Bob Schrom OLF
  • Speedy Gonzalez OLF
  • George Legg QAS
  • Andrés Escamilla QAS
  • Armando Escamilla

Parish Staff

  • Parish Administrator: Ana Guilherme
  • Secretary: Cindy Gutierrez
  • Maintenance: JJ Rodriguez
  • Preschool Teacher: Christina Vela
  • Preschool Teacher Assistant: Yesica Patino
  • Youth Minister: Anthony & Christina Mejia

Parish Council & Finance Meetings

OLF Parish Council2nd Tuesday of every month 7am

Members: Roy Warnick, Dave Ruffin, Anthony Mejia, Richard Ribellia, Phil Walker, Miguel Martinez, Rufino Garza, Kirk Jungers, Josue Salas, Corinne Gebelin, Lind Bingham, Kathleen Delgado

OLF Finance Council4th Wednesday of every month 7am

Members:  Troy Wiley, Larry Shannon, Chris Nelson, Bob McDonald, Tyler Reffett, Randy Dickinson, Sherry Delgado, Diana Villafana, Emiliano Valencia, Estella Segura

QAS Parish/Finance Council4th Tues. monthly 6:30pm

Members: Zeke Guerra, Olivia Vela, Erica Martinez, Deacon George Legg, Laurie Ahmann


Our Lady of Fatima’s & Queen of All Saints Parishes

Leadership Ministries

Pastoral Council: Roy Warnick OLF

Finance Council: OLF

Liturgical Ministries

Liturgy Committee—Corinne Gebelin

Lectors-Marco Garcia, Socorro Torres, Sam Thornton,

Sergio Camacho

Eucharistic Ministers—Iliana Garza, Sam Thornton,

Terry Zavala

Altar Servers—Ines Oronia & Katy Walker OLF

Lorena Castillo QAS 760-1474

Education Ministries

RCIA-English—Deacon Bob Schrom 346-9464—OLF

Spanish—Cesar Campos—OLF

English & Spanish—Deacon Andy Escamilla—QAS

Youth Minister—Anthony & Christina Mejia 760-7911

7th & 8th & Confirmation

K-6th grade-Carrie Tatum OLF–Laurie A & Nilda V QAS

Spanish K-5th—Josue & Aurea Salas OLF

Adult Bible Study—Sam & Bea Thornton

Awakening Faith—Judy Sackmann 765-8256

Music Ministry

Spanish Adult Choir—J.J. Rodriguez

English Adult Choir—Cleo Stevens

Young Adult Band—Raquel Fike

Spanish Youth Choir—Mari Vela & Jerry D.

English Adult Choir QAS—Laurie Ahmann 509-770-1484

Spanish Choir QAS -Lorena Castillo 760-1474 &

Erica Martinez 956-279-6016

Parish Ministries

Knights of Columbus—Grand Knight-Luis Robledo-350-9557

Columbarium/Prayer Garden—Don Adolfson 855-5214

Safety—Mark Krcma OLF and Ezequiel Guerra QAS

Friends of Fatima—Mike Ahmann

Friends of the Sacred Heart—Maricela Villanueva

Rosary Makers—Kim Helvy

Arts & Environment—Lynda Palmer & Carol Lane

Friends of the Garden—Linda Kimble

St. Vincent—Mary Moncada

Future Building & Grounds Committee—Pat Stevens

Haiti Godchild Mission—Marylu Martin

Stained Glass Committee—Garry Helvy

St. Rita’s—Jane Dickinson

Soup Kitchen—Cleo Stevens

Eucharistic Ministers to Nursing Homes:

Eng.-Edith Dirk-765-6677 & Sp. Roselia Razo-765-5365

Our Lady’s Gift Shop—Dee Schwab-Karen Wilson


Cursillo Movement—OLF-Francisco Ortiz 509-989-4416 & Edwin Garcia QAS-Sergio Razo 765-5365,

Ezequiel Guerra 750-0750, Pedro Campos 750-8444

Welcome Committee—Carol Lundeen

Linens Ministry—Linda Kimble 509-378-2279 OLF

Norma F. Segoviano QAS

Funeral Luncheons: Kim H.-English-Maricela V.-Spanish

Hope and Remembrance Committee—Marylu Martin

Outreach Ministry—English Barbara Craig

Spanish San Pablo-Francisco 989-4416 & Micaela 750-6623

Hope & Charity Volunteer group QAS -Norma Landeros,

Maria Alonso

Women’s support & funeral luncheons QAS-Virginia C

Greeters—Don & Loretta Swager


Prayer Ministry

Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration: Luis Garcia 509-318-9068

Prayer Chain-Joann Avila 855-6353 or email jjavila@donobi.net

Spanish Ramona Rodriguez 764-5397

St. Joseph’s Prayer & Healing group—Katy & Eneida—765-6729

Charismatic Prayer & Praise-Corinne 855-2348 & Don 787-5819

Prayer group—Gabriel y Zenaida Nieto 509-312-9293 Spanish

Spanish Charismatic Prayer Group-Gonzalo B.– 361-4344 QAS